Punutud makramee nöör Tootjad, tarnijad riigis Taiwan
Shun Yu Industrial Co., Ltd. on üks tuntud tootjate, tarnijate ja eksportijate Punutud makramee nöör, koos tehase Taiwan. Kellel on aastatepikkused kogemused rida tehes oleme tuntud oma väljapaistva jõudluse tööstusele. Oleme aidanud end ühe juhtiva tootemargi Taiwan. Me pidevalt uuendada meie tooteid, mis vastavad rahvusvahelistele standarditele. Me peame meeskond spetsialiste, mis annab õigeaegselt sünnitusel kõrge quality.Our siirus ja raske töö on aidanud meil vastavad oma kvaliteedi vastavus rahvusvahelistele standarditele.


Shun Yu Industrial Co., Ltd. is located in Chunghwa County in Taiwan. It has been in operation since 1990. We production projects include decorative string, shoe material, lip cord, cord belts, elastic braided nylon cord, paper bag ropes, outdoor ropes, and rope for machine ...etc.

The main operation projects are mainly braiding machine, except the most common machine we also have the rare machine in the market to produce variety product. Form the upstream yarn material factory to the downstream dyeing, waxing factory which we cooperating with manufacturers have been many years that can provide the stable production .

We have more than 30 years of professional technology, production experience and various types of knitting, braiding machines to serve different industries and provide professional advice and assist in the development of characteristic products.

We uphold to provide the best service, product quality and reasonable prices, we welcome manufacturers of various industries who desire breakthroughs and innovations to jointly create new products and open up new markets.

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Punutud makramee nöör

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