Flat Elastic

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  • Flat Elastic - SYEF0801
Flat Elastic - SYEF0801 Flat Elastic - SYEF0801
Flat Elastic
Model - SYEF0801
Braided elastic flat
  1. Material:  Nylon, Rubber
  2. Color: Plant / mix color
  3. Weight: 5mm and 10mm    thick : 1-2mm
  4. Sizes and designs can be customized 
  5. prompt delivery time
  6. Origin: Taiwan 

There are two styles of braided elastic strap, the width is 5mm and 10mm respectively. Currently, it is mainly sold to India and used in the production of girls' sandals. It can be dyed in many colors. It can be matched with the upper to make all kinds of sandals of the same style and different colors. This strap is a flat elastic strap. The elastic strap is very versatile. If you have special needs, please write to discuss
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Braided elastic tape SYBT131   Material:  Nylon rubber Color: Plant / mix color Weight: 12mm&30mm    thick : 2mm Sizes and designs can be customized  prompt delivery time Origin: Taiwan  This elastic tape is mainly used on women's or children's sandals. It can also be used to develop various straps such as belts or straps. This elastic band is made of nylon with two size of widths, 12mm and 30mm. In addition to color mixing, there are also template printing methods. The photos are the template patterns of our company. Customers can also make their own templates to print on this elastic strap. If you have any question please do not hesitate to contact with us.
Double Color Elastic Flat  SYED261   Material: Nylon Polyester Rubber Color: Plant / mix color Weight: 6mm   thick : 2mm Sizes and designs can be customized  prompt delivery time Origin: Taiwan  The difference from other elastics is that a single strap can be braided into two colors, which can be used in clothing elastics, hair accessories, and various binding ropes. The color change of the contrasting colors makes the elastic strap more conspicuous and beautiful. The width of the double-color elastic flat is 6mm. It can be re-processed as a braided belt. In addition, it can also be made into a strap without elastic. The picture is a reference style. If you have more ideas, please contact us
Round elastic cord  SYER081   Material:  Nylon, Polyester, Rubber Color: Plant / mix color Weight: 2mm-5mm Sizes and designs can be customized  prompt delivery time Origin: Taiwan  The width of the elastic cord can be made from 2mm to 5mm, and it can be used for different purposes. It can be used as a mask cord, cuff band, drawstring pocket cord, hair band, and fixing bandage. Elastics can be used in a wide range of applications. We can make elastics with different elastic widths and colors (single color, mixed color or customized dyeing) according to customer requirements. The photos are provided for the round elastic cord we have made. Demand welcome letter to contact us‧