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Braided Cord

Polyester/Nylon lip cord LC2719 Material: Nylon Polyester  Color: Plant / mix color Weight: 7-12mm Sizes and designs can be customized  prompt delivery time Origin: Taiwan  Lip cord can use on clothing, pillows, sofas decoration, and craft cords. In the picture the round belt is the main body and the sewing on the flat side. The lip cord can be braided into a one color, Diamond pattern, mixed color... and many other color matching methods, lip cord usually use polyester yarn and nylon yarn. The characteristics of these two yarns are very similar. The advantage of polyester yarn is if you would like to produce lip cord the minimum order quantity will be less that Nylon lip cord. Our polyester yarn supplier have multiple color sample that you can choices from , while the nylon yarn must be post-dyed to meet the customer's color needs, compared with polyester The basic quantity of yarn and nylon yarn needs to be more, but it can better meet the needs of customers for colors, Lip cord reference is shown in the figure
Cotton cord belts SYBC172, SYBC073, SYBC091, SYBC092, SYBC131, SYBC172, SYBC212, SYBC332 Material: Cotton Wax Color: Plant / mix color Weight:20mm-35mm    thick : 4mm-6mm Sizes and designs can be customized  prompt delivery time Origin: Taiwan  Compared with leather belts, cotton braided belts can show a unique accessory style. The cotton element will bring people a soft and comfortable feeling. Most customers also choose cotton materials as the main material in the braided belt. The composition of the cotton braided belt can also be waxed to make the surface bright and water-repellent. We can assist customers in designing and developing unique braided belt products. Please refer to the picture for the cotton cord belt.
Braided Rope SYR161、SYR082、SYR321、SYR162   Material:Cotton yarn, Nylon yarn, Polyester yarn, Metallic yarn Polypropylene yarn, Jute yarn Color: Plant / mix color Diameter:5~7mm Sizes and designs can be customized  prompt delivery time Origin: Taiwan  Braided rope are very versatile. Products made from braided rope with a width of 5 to 7 mm can be used for clothing straps, paper bag straps, ornaments straps, shoelaces, hair straps, handicraft straps, outdoor rope, machine rope... Etc., the tension part of each rope is different, especially the rope used in machinery requires a relatively strong tension. We can provide professional advice to make a braided rope that meets the needs of customers. The picture is a reference style.
Braided elastic flat SYEF0801   Material:  Nylon, Rubber Color: Plant / mix color Weight: 5mm and 10mm    thick : 1-2mm Sizes and designs can be customized  prompt delivery time Origin: Taiwan  There are two styles of braided elastic strap, the width is 5mm and 10mm respectively. Currently, it is mainly sold to India and used in the production of girls' sandals. It can be dyed in many colors. It can be matched with the upper to make all kinds of sandals of the same style and different colors. This strap is a flat elastic strap. The elastic strap is very versatile. If you have special needs, please write to discuss
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Braided Cord

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We offer an extensive gamut of Braided Cord. These cords are made from the finest material to give them strength and durability. With an endless combination of colors, our range of cords is used for making necklaces, bracelets and for decorating belts, shoes, and more. The products which we offer to you are the perfect blend of innovation and quality.

Under the proficient guidance and knowledge of our trained professionals, we are engaged in manufacturing, supplying, and exporting a broad assortment of Braided Elastic Cord, Braided Tape, Craft Cord, Braided Rope, Braided Cord Belt, Braided Lip Cord, Braided Flat, and Webbing Tape.

Our products are manufactured in compliance with industry norms and undergo rigorous testing to ensure their flawlessness, making us a trusted and reliable choice for customers. We are continuously striving to expand our product offerings and improve our manufacturing processes to maintain our position as a leader of Braided Cord in the industry.